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G-Shock was born from the dream of creating the ultimate tough watch. Since its launch over 25 years ago, G-Shock is recognized not only for durability and functionality, but it’s unique style and innovative design is known throughout the world. Trendy and modern, the G-Shock will take you anywhere you need to go. Peter & Son Watch Company is proud to be an authorized G-Shock dealer.

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Aviation GWA-1000FC-1A4<span class="sub">200M Water Resistant</span> Casio G-Shock MTGS1000D-1A4 G7900-1
GA100B-4A GA100-1A4 G-Shock GA100GD-9A
G-Shock GA100B-4A
Price: $110.00
G-Shock GA100GD-9A
Price: $130.00
G-Shock GA1100-1A3 G-Shock GA110DN-4A GA110GB-1A
G-Shock GA1100-1A3
Price: $250.00
G-Shock GA110DN-4A
Price: $130.00
GA110HC-1A G-Shock GA110SL-3A G-Shock GA110SL-4A
G-Shock GA110SL-4A
Price: $170.00
G-Shock GA110SL-8A G-Shock GA201TR-7A G-Shock GD120MB-1
G-Shock GD120MB-1
Price: $100.00
G-Shock GD400DN-4 G-Shock GD400DN-8 G-Shock GD400HUF-1
G-Shock GD400DN-4
Price: $110.00
G-Shock GD400DN-8
Price: $110.00
G-Shock GD400HUF-1
Price: $190.00
G-Shock GDX6900HT-7 G-Shock GMAS110CC-3A G-Shock GMAS110CC-4A
G-Shock GDX6900HT-7
Price: $150.00
G-Shock GMAS110CC-3A
Price: $120.00
G-Shock GMAS110CC-4A
Price: $120.00
G-Shock GMAS110F-1A G-Shock GMDS6900F-1 G-Shock GMDS6900F-4
G-Shock GMAS110F-1A
Price: $140.00
G-Shock GMDS6900F-1
Price: $150.00
G-Shock GMDS6900F-4
Price: $150.00
G-Shock GMDS6900SM-1 G-Shock GPW1000T-1A G-Shock GWN1000C-1A
G-Shock GMDS6900SM-1
Price: $130.00
G-Shock GPW1000T-1A
Price: $1,350.00
G-Shock GWN1000C-1A
Price: $500.00
G-Shock GWN100E-8A
G-Shock GWN1000E-8A
Price: $500.00